My personal love is creative writing. Literary, fantasy, historical. Random words litter endless notebooks in multiple drawers.

Some of my best include ‘Black Crows’ and ‘Finland in Winter’.

My literary story ‘Black Crows: A Study in Humanity’ was shortlisted in the 2009 ANU Short Story Competition. Written as a character study, it drew its inspiration from Steve Reich’s minimalist composition ‘Different Trains’, in which people, both in the United States and Europe, recount their experiences surrounding World War II. A particularly evocative recording can be found here at Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPjTkT0766M&list=PL86344FF0F7ACFC84

Click to read Black Crows Hilary Manning

My story ‘Finland in Winter’ was published in the ANU’s 2003 anthology ‘Liquid Paper’. It drew its inspiration from the Finnish film ‘A Respectable Tragedy’, and one poignant scene in which he remembers the idyllic summer when he spent a Finnish summer evening by the lake. I also spent many endless evenings by the lakes in Finland, and they are beautiful.

Click to read TALVELLA Hilary Manning

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