Bucket List for my Birthday

There is a magnet that lives on my fridge – the only one in fact. I bought it in Vancouver, at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. It speaks to my heart, and reassures me.

Optimism and strength and courage and confidence. And perhaps a slight touch of craziness?

IMG_20150305_180402371 (2)

This is the strength that motivates me: I believe I can, so I will.

And so, with only days to my birthday, I thought I would record my bucket list.

Or, more properly, my goal list. Since I believe there is something quite powerful in putting out your dreams to the world. And since that little magnet references such a powerful message. I believe I can, so I will:

1.       Go cycling in the Loire

2.       Visit Tahiti

3.       Repair an important friendship

4.       Buy the family farm

5.       Buy a house/investment property

6.       Buy a property portfolio

7.       Get my doctorate

8.       Establish my expert policy/event management business

9.       Expand my business internationally

10.   Play harp

11.   Write

12.   Publish my novel

13.   Publish my other novels

14.   Have a pet dog

What are your goals? What do you believe you can do?

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